Bathroom Renovation Process

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Renovations are both exciting and tiring at the same time. We know that managing expectations as well as the renovation are equally important. It is a process; one we are very familiar with and one that we have experience guiding our clients through to a successful conclusion.

We begin with setting expectations for budget. It costs the same to install $2.00/square foot tile as it does to install $12.00/square foot tile. We start the discussion by providing a rough estimate of renovation costs for similar projects. Once comfortable with a Renovation Budget, we move to a Fixture Budget. Once again, based on similar projects, we can provide information on what costs a customer could expect to pay for Fixtures. By the way, we don’t sell fixtures. We just renovate. We do know great fixture vendors and providing our customers with their contact information is part of our service. We have no financial relationship with these vendors at all. To make it on to our list a vendor must provide good service, and great products at reasonable prices. That’s it. A customer may choose from a recommended vendor or from elsewhere at their own discretion.

We offer no cost design ideas based upon years of successfully renovating bathrooms. We are familiar with current trends in style and can recommend what works and what does not work. During the first onsite visit, careful measurements are taken. Once a quote has been accepted by a client, a CAD drawing is made of the renovation. This drawing is used in and to confirm the designs for the client. It acts as a final road map for our install teams. We provide a written contract to our clients as well as the CAD drawings. Together, these documents ensure that the customer’s vision and our understanding of that vision is the same before we begin a renovation.

We know our client’s bathrooms need to be treated with respect. We use clean drop-sheets to cover the floor and stairs from the renovation site to the outside. We use zip-doors and or construct curtain walls to help contain dust. Once a renovation begins our renovation team will be on site a full day, every working day, until the renovation is complete. All renovation sites are cleaned up at the end of every day with the drop sheets picked up and the appropriate areas swept. Garbage is removed on an on-going basis.

Our goal is to make the renovation process as smooth as possible. The result is a bathroom that meets or exceeds a customer’s expectations without undue stress. We Make Bathrooms Easy.

Two Piece Bathroom

Renovating a two-piece bathroom is not simple as it might sound. Because of the small room size, if any piece is out of scale or not finished properly the error stands out. Vanities need to be functional but not too big. A toilet that has lots of nooks and crannies or contours may be hard to clean with little wall clearance. Wall hung mirrors become a decorator item that can be switched out when the current paint or wallpaper become marked or tired. Adjustable lighting can serve the kids during the day and still impress dinner guests in the evening. There are many possible styles for two-piece bathrooms. We can help you build the one that works for you. We make bathrooms easy.

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